CFSA provides knowledgeable lobbyists, a committee of legal counselors, and public relations experts who act as liaisons between the consumer finance industry and California's legislative and regulatory agencies. A major service to its members is its active participation in the legislative process, working to ensure that licensed lenders are equally represented where legislative and regulatory matters are concerned. This service is particularly helpful to independent lenders who might not otherwise have the resources to fund these activities on their own. Outstanding communications to members are provided through alerts, periodic publications, and legislative materials that cover various topics, and present information regarding bills before the legislature that impact the finance industry.

Our Independent Section also provides educational employee training programs for our member companies. These training seminars cover such subjects as collection practices, sales and marketing, underwriting, ethics, small claims, Insurance products and management skills. The owners of Independent member companies conduct workshops to help our member companies deal with changing economic conditions and operating environments.

CFSA Privacy Policy Established January 1, 2012

CFSA does not share any personal information with third parties. Personal information that is provided to CFSA on membership and renewal applications is only shared with the boards of Director's to the extent that it is necessary as part of the approval or dues review process. CFSA Members names, addresses, telephone numbers and email addresses are shared with other active CFSA members to enable CFSA members to communicate with each other.

No CFSA function or activity may be recorded without the prior written consent of the Boards of Directors of the Association. All CFSA publications including but not limited to, bulletins, notices, membership rosters, emails, website and passwords etc. are the property of CFSA and shall not be shared with non CFSA members for any reason.

The yearly payment of membership dues shall constitute consent and agreement with the terms and conditions of the CFSA privacy policy as set forth. CFSA reserves the right to amend the privacy policy from time to time as necessary without prior notice.