The California Financial Services Association is a non-profit trade association representing major national and international corporations and independent lenders with operations in the State of California to provide a broad range of financial services, including consumer and commercial loans, retail installment financing, automobile and mobile home financing, home purchase and home equity loans, credit cards, and lines of credit. Our knowledgeable lobbyists, a committee of legal counselors, and public relations experts act as liaisons between the finance industry and decision-makers in California.

CFSA's mission is to foster ethical practices and high standards of conduct in the finance industry. The goal is to improve conditions within the industry and promote a greater knowledge and understanding of the economic and social aspects of consumer lending to all Californians, with an emphasis on the California Legislature and regulatory bodies. Since members represent a unified force of finance lenders, this helps bolster the message of the industry and provides individual companies with a voice in the lawmaking process they might not otherwise enjoy.

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